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One Person...

One Machine..."™


"We just got our Rotadairon and used it for the first time today. We're thrilled. I can't believe I waited three years to purchase one." "People are dropping their mouths when they see the Rotadairon work. They just can't believe what it does." "The Rotadairon is fantastic. When we used it at the ski resort, crowds gathered to watch. I've gotten work just from people watching the machine. If it will work here in our rocky conditions, it will work anywhere." "We've been very pleased with the (Rotadairon) results, having saved approximately 1/3 of our overall labor costs for the season." "The Rotadairon is the best built machine I have ever owned. I wish all my Machinery was built as well as my Rotadairon." "The Rotadairon is the best machine we've owned so far. It has doubled our productivity." "Now that we are using the Rotadairon to prepare our soils, we are getting a lot better stands on our hydroseeding jobs." "During construction of a golf course, the Rotadairon performed better than expected cutting our labor hours more than we projected." "The Rotadairon does everything it claims and more. It's simply amazing!" "The Rotadairon has given us a competitive advantage in our market place." "The Rotadairon has saved us a lot of time on landscape construction projects." "We wished we had purchased a Rotadairon sooner."

The World's Number One Selling Soil Renovating Machines!

Rotadairon is the world's number one selling soil renovating machine!


Reduce Labor! Save Time! Make Money!

The Rotadairon does the job of multiple people and machines simultaneously. Its features allow you to do complete soil renovation, preparation, grading, and finish work like no other machine.

Reduce labor, save time, and make money with the Rotadairon.

The Rotadairon's functions include:

  • rototilling, soil mixing, pulverizing, and screening;
  • burying rocks, clods, turf, and debris;
  • raking, leveling, and rolling...

all at the same time!

Rotadairon has many, many functions

The Rotadairon can cut your soil preparation costs by unbelievable amounts.

Example of Rotadairon

Rotadairon offers Specialty, Compact, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, and Super Duty machines. For Tractors and Skid Steers, in work widths from 23 inches to 13 feet, Rotadairon has a machine to meet any budget and application.

Rotadairon can meet any budget and application.

Landscaping, Sports Turf, Golf Course, Turf Farms. Others are using the Rotadairon with amazing results! Don't stand by and watch your competitive advantage slip away!

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